Cervical Collar OPPO 4092

Cervical Collar OPPO 4092

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Tipe: Cervical Collar OPPO 4092

Kode Produk: Body Support/ Cervical Collar/ Penyangga Leher/ Pelindung Leher.

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Cervical Collar (Medium Density)
Soft orthopedic


Product Details:

  • Support cervical spine in neutral or anatomical position.
  • Provides gentle immobilization of the cervical spine.
  • May be applied for slight hyper -extension or reversed for flexion.
  • Foam and stockinetter construction in a wide range of size.

How to wear:

  • Apply to the neck.
  • Before fastening the hook and loop closure, make sure the head and neck are in neutral position.
  • Fasten the hook and loop closure strap securely.


  • Acute wry neck
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Neck muscle strain



  • Measure around the circumference of the neck!
  • S = 38.1-40.6cm (15-16")
  • M = 40.6-45.1cm (16-17 3/4")
  • L = 45.1-49.5cm (17 3/4-19 1/2")
  • XL = 49.5-52.7cm (19 1/2-20 3/4")

Fiber Contents:

  • 75% Polyurethane foam, 25% Nylon

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